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30 July 2011 @ 04:37 pm


Scott was trying to move his arm a little, to try and get some circulation going. John for one was not budging, Scott knew when John slept he could sleep and nothing could wake him.

He was trying to speak, but was unable to because of the tube down his throat, all that was coming out was sounds.

John was starting to wake up; he could feel something stroking the side of his face. He looked and could see Scott staring at him.

“Baby, oh thank god you’re awake” John was trying to get as close to Scott as he could.

Scott’s memory was still fuzzy; he did not know why he was here, or what had happened. He tried to ask John what had happened, but all that came out was “Mmm Mmm”.

“Don’t try and talk sweetheart, lie still I’ll go and get the doctor”.

Scott didn’t want him to leave him. He was really scared and did not know his what was happening; he needed him there with him. Scott clutched his hand to stop him from leaving. John looked over and could see the panic in Scott’s face.

“I will be straight back I promise; I need to let the doctor know you’re awake. Trust me".

Scott nodded his head to show he understood. John gave him a quick peck on the cheek and left.

Scott lay in his surroundings, trying to understand what had happened. He started to remember little things; he had been out with Stephen and Sarah for his birthday, had a few drinks and then left. Then he remembered; oh my god the guy with the knife. All of a sudden Scott started to panic. What had happened to them, were they ok or hurt? He tried to move around, but the pain was unbearable.

The doctor came in with John. They could see the distress that Scott was in, and rushed over to try and calm him down.

“Mr Gill, please I need you to try and relax. You’re stitches could rip at any moment”

“Honey relax please”

“Tephen arah” Scott was looking at John, trying to make him understand.

“They’re both fine I promise. They are at home they didn’t get hurt”

Scott started to relax a little, after learning they were both ok.

“Sir, I need you to please calm down. I know it’s difficult with the machines and tubes around”

“Don’t worry I will make sure of it”

“I’m going to check some readings, and then I think you should try and get some sleep”

The doctor checked what he needed to, spoke to John and left.

“Your readings are getting a little better. You will be back to yourself in no time”

Scott could see the worry in John’s face and the tears in his eyes. He started to move his hand to wipe the tears, when John grabbed hold
of it.

“Listen to me Scott. You need to worry about getting better and that’s all DO YOU HEAR ME. I know that look in your eyes. All you need to worry about is getting better, and coming back home to me. Let me worry about everything else”

Scott gave John a reassuring smile.

“Good, now lie back and get some sleep. The rest of the family will be here soon, and you should rest until then”

Scott grabbed at John’s hand, so he wouldn’t leave him.

“Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you alone. Now go to sleep".

Scott started to fall back asleep. When he heard John say over and over again “Thank god, thank god thank god”