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23 July 2011 @ 01:18 pm

“John he’s ok they brought him back again, but they think he’s bleeding internally now, so it will be turning into a bigger and longer surgery”


“Thank god he’s alive. Do they think he will be ok after the op?”


They don’t know. He’s strong so he might make it through”


Right then Sheelagh grabbed the phone from Stephen “Everybody listen to me, I am not going to lose another child do you HEAR ME I AM NOT HE WILL BE FINE”

Big John and Marion could hear her scream down the phone, they could feel her pain because Scott was their son too, just as John was Stirling and Sheelagh’s


“Mom, mom I know Scott will be fine, do you know why? Because I say when he lives or dies, it’s my right as his husband”


Just then John and his families flight was called “I gotta go it’s our flight”


“Ok love; just get here as soon as you can, love you”

Love you too bye”


Big John came over “C’mon son lets go, we need to start boarding”


They all started to board. On their way to London John kept asking every 30 minutes “How much longer now”. Marion gave the same answer every time “Half an hour since the last time you asked me”. Marion was thinking to herself it’s just like when he was a child asking “How long till we get there”.


Finally they were descending into Heathrow.




The family were sitting in the waiting room. Stuart had arrived a few hours ago, which helped quite a lot, it took some of the pressure of Stephen.


“How much longer till we hear anything”


“I don’t know son”


“I should be in there; I’m a doctor for Christ sake”


“Sweetheart, sit down you know you can’t be in there”


A few minutes later the doctor came in, they all stood up. “We have stopped the bleeding and also fixed the wound on his lung, the rest is up to him, he’s managed to fight this long so you never know”


They all started to cry with Joy “Can we please see him”


“Yes he’s in a room on his own; we have knocked him out for at least 2 days, because if he moves about he could rip himself open again, so we can’t take any chances at the minute”


“No that’s fine; we just want to see him”


They started towards the room which Scott was in. They were all surprised in what they saw.




John finally got to the hospital and went to the reception”My husband was brought in earlier with a stab wound, his name is Scott Gill which room is he in”


“Scott Gill is in room 607, turn left over there and you will find a lift, it will take you right up”




John, Gavin and the rest of his family went to the lift. As soon as it stopped on level 6 John was all over the place trying to find him, finally he did and what he saw scared him “OH MY GOD”

I don't know if people are still on this site but I was hoping people could read this and tell me what you think.