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13 October 2013 @ 12:46 pm
Hello to all! I know this community hasn't been terribly active lately, but if anyone is interested, I have a couple of John/Scott fan fics on my journal. They are protected under friends-only, so feel free to add me if you want to read them. I have a thousand plot bunnies in my head so more will be coming. :)
18 September 2011 @ 08:46 pm
Originally posted by elspeth24 at HEARTBREAK:JOHN AND SCOTT EPILOGUE



DISCLAIMER:This is pure fiction. All persons names and logos belong to their respective copyrights or respective persons. No copyright infringement is meant.

Scott had just left the doctors surgery with the best news he could ever receive, he could not wait to tell John.

It had been 3 months since the stabbing. Paul Smith who had injured him, got 10 years for attempted murder, and was now in jail, which helped.

Scott was going to do a little shopping, before he went home.

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18 September 2011 @ 08:44 pm
Originally posted by elspeth24 at post



DISCLAIMER:This is pure fiction. All persons names and logos belong to their respective copyrights or respective persons. No copyright infringement is meant.

Scott was lying in his hospital bed. It had been a few days since the stabbing. He was hopeful today would be the day they would remove the tubes from down his throat.

John entered the room; he had been back home again to check on the house and dogs.

"Hey, sweetheart, how you feeling?"

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18 September 2011 @ 08:44 pm
Originally posted by elspeth24 at JOHN AND SCOTT HEARTBREAK PART 10




DISCLAIMER:This is pure fiction. All persons names and logos belong to their respective copyrights or respective persons. No copyright infringement is meant

Stirling, Sheelagh and the rest of the family entered Scott’s room. They could see John sleeping and Scott still unconscious.
Stirling put a hand on John’s arm to wake him up.
“Hi son, how did it go last night?” John started to get his bearings and smiled a little.

“He opened his eyes last night, for a little while. He tried to talk but he couldn’t because of the tubes”
John looked over at Stephen and Sarah and smiled again.
“Scott was more worried about you two, he went into a bit of a panic because he didn’t know if you were ok, but I soon set him straight”

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30 July 2011 @ 04:37 pm


Scott was trying to move his arm a little, to try and get some circulation going. John for one was not budging, Scott knew when John slept he could sleep and nothing could wake him.

He was trying to speak, but was unable to because of the tube down his throat, all that was coming out was sounds.

John was starting to wake up; he could feel something stroking the side of his face. He looked and could see Scott staring at him.

“Baby, oh thank god you’re awake” John was trying to get as close to Scott as he could.

Scott’s memory was still fuzzy; he did not know why he was here, or what had happened. He tried to ask John what had happened, but all that came out was “Mmm Mmm”.

“Don’t try and talk sweetheart, lie still I’ll go and get the doctor”.

Scott didn’t want him to leave him. He was really scared and did not know his what was happening; he needed him there with him. Scott clutched his hand to stop him from leaving. John looked over and could see the panic in Scott’s face.

“I will be straight back I promise; I need to let the doctor know you’re awake. Trust me".

Scott nodded his head to show he understood. John gave him a quick peck on the cheek and left.

Scott lay in his surroundings, trying to understand what had happened. He started to remember little things; he had been out with Stephen and Sarah for his birthday, had a few drinks and then left. Then he remembered; oh my god the guy with the knife. All of a sudden Scott started to panic. What had happened to them, were they ok or hurt? He tried to move around, but the pain was unbearable.

The doctor came in with John. They could see the distress that Scott was in, and rushed over to try and calm him down.

“Mr Gill, please I need you to try and relax. You’re stitches could rip at any moment”

“Honey relax please”

“Tephen arah” Scott was looking at John, trying to make him understand.

“They’re both fine I promise. They are at home they didn’t get hurt”

Scott started to relax a little, after learning they were both ok.

“Sir, I need you to please calm down. I know it’s difficult with the machines and tubes around”

“Don’t worry I will make sure of it”

“I’m going to check some readings, and then I think you should try and get some sleep”

The doctor checked what he needed to, spoke to John and left.

“Your readings are getting a little better. You will be back to yourself in no time”

Scott could see the worry in John’s face and the tears in his eyes. He started to move his hand to wipe the tears, when John grabbed hold
of it.

“Listen to me Scott. You need to worry about getting better and that’s all DO YOU HEAR ME. I know that look in your eyes. All you need to worry about is getting better, and coming back home to me. Let me worry about everything else”

Scott gave John a reassuring smile.

“Good, now lie back and get some sleep. The rest of the family will be here soon, and you should rest until then”

Scott grabbed at John’s hand, so he wouldn’t leave him.

“Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you alone. Now go to sleep".

Scott started to fall back asleep. When he heard John say over and over again “Thank god, thank god thank god”

25 July 2011 @ 09:08 pm

John was woken by Sheelagh, who had just arrived back at the hospital.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“4 hours. Why not go and stretch your legs for a little while, we’ll look after him”

“No I don’t want to leave him, I promised”

Stephen, Sarah, Gavin and Stuart all walked in “See darling everyone is here, we won’t leave him alone”

“Hmm maybe, what happened with the police?”

“They are going to make us look at mug shots when we are more with it”

“It’s all my fault. It would never have happened if I was here”

They were all about to say something when Stirling jumped in “John this is not your fault, it’s that man who put a knife in him NOT YOU”

John finally broke down in Stirlings arms.

“C’mon son, let’s go for a walk, and get something to eat”

Big John and Stirling took him out to get him some fresh air.

“I made a statement to the media Sheelagh, you shouldn’t have a problem with them”

“Gavin that’s great, thank you so much”

“Anything for this family you know that” He started to walk over to Scott “You listen to me Gill it’s time to wake up now, you’re scaring everyone”

The rest of the family sat around Scott’s bed talking to him about anything and everything, the doctor said it might help.


Big John, Stirling and John were sitting at a table with a sandwich and a coffee, but John couldn’t eat a thing”

“John, son you need to eat”

“I can’t eat anything”

Stirling looked at it and said “I don’t blame you son, it looks dreadful doesn’t it”

John tried a smile “I should have been here, it was his birthday for heaven sake and I wasn’t here”

“John it wouldn’t have made a difference”

“It would, he would never have been out. We would have had a romantic meal, made love and held each other close as we slept”

“No offence but I don’t want to know about my son’s sex life

John did laugh a little then.

“Listen John it really is not your fault”

“Mmm” John could still not believe it though.

Big John started to laugh “I can see it now. Scott will wake up see everyone worrying, and be more upset about that than anything. Then he will get mad at you for blaming yourself”

“That’s true; Scott always tries to look after everyone else but himself”

“Well that’s my job. I should be doing it now”

John and his dad got up and walked back to Scott’s room.

When they arrived everyone was around Scott’s bed speaking to him. They all stopped when John came in “I spoke to him too, I think he can hear us”

“Course he can” Marion stood up and let John sit next to Scott”

A few hours later the doctor came in “I’m afraid you have to leave now”

“Can I please stay, I don’t want to leave him alone” John was started to get upset again.

“Alright, I will see if I can get you some blankets, but the rest of you have to leave, I’m sorry but you can come back in the morning”

The family all kissed John and Scott goodnight and left. The doctor came back with blankets for John.

“Alone at last hun. This really isn’t the romantic night I had in mind, but it will have to do until you are better, and we can do anything you want. Goodnight sweetheart I love you”


It was a little fuzzy. The room he was in was all white, he had tubes all around him and he was in a great deal of pain, he started to try and move his arm, but he couldn’t, there was something there- he tried to see what it was, it started to became clear who it was. The man of his dreams; his husband!

24 July 2011 @ 08:35 pm

Sheelagh went over to John held him close “Sweetheart, I know it looks bad but he will be fine”

Scott had tubes and monitors all around him.

“John son, they need to keep him unconscious for at least 2 days, in case he rips himself open, they have stopped the bleeding internally”

John stepped over to the bed and held Scott’s hand.

One of the doctors came into the room. John introduced himself and asked if Scott was getting any better. The doctor checked his heart rate and pulse “His heart rate and pulse are still the same, I hoped it would be a little better, but he’s still with us so that is the best we can hope for at the minute”

The doctor then looked at Sarah and Stephen “I am sorry to put this on you now, but the police would like a word with you as soon as you are ready”

John noticed Sarah and Stephen for the first time; he went over and hugged them both. Stephen’s shirt and hands were covered in blood

“John we gave the bastard what he wanted, but he still stabbed him”

“Sarah listen, he would have done it anyway”

“Tell the police we will be there in a minute, I want it over with so they can catch him and we can concentrate on Scott”

The doctor left the room to give them a minute.

“Kids after you have spoken to the police, why not go home get a wash and some sleep, there really is nothing more you can do at the minute”

“We are not leaving him alone, he wouldn’t leave us, and so we are not leaving him”

John stepped in “Listen he’s going to be asleep for 2 days, nothing is going to happen until then, plus I will be here. I promise”

“You promise you won’t leave him”

“I promise”

“Ok, c’mon Sarah we’ll talk to the police and then go home for a while”

Sarah kissed Scott on the cheek “I will see you later Scott, Love you”. Stephen did the same.

They hugged everyone and started to leave. Stuart said “Gavin and me will take you home, I don’t think you are fit to do anything rational at the moment.”

“That would be great thanks”

“Don’t worry I will make a short statement to the media, and also to leave the family alone at this point in time”

“That would be great Gavin. Thanks”

“No problem Stirling. We’ll be back later John”

John was left in the room with both sets of parents. “Do you think I could have a while alone with Scott?”

“Of course sweetheart. I’ll tell you what we’ll do we will go to your house, make sure the dogs are ok and get a change of clothes and toiletries for you.”


Big John, Marion, Stirling and Sheelagh all said goodbye to John and Scott and left.

John went over to Scott and grabbed his hand “Babe this is getting silly now. You’re upsetting everyone and you hate to do that”.

John started crying “I don’t exist without you. My whole world is you; I know I don’t show it all the time but you mean everything to me. I will promise you anything and everything as long as you get better, so you need to keep fighting a little longer. DO YOU HEAR ME?”

John broke down put his head on Scott’s bed, and held him the best he could.


23 July 2011 @ 01:18 pm

“John he’s ok they brought him back again, but they think he’s bleeding internally now, so it will be turning into a bigger and longer surgery”


“Thank god he’s alive. Do they think he will be ok after the op?”


They don’t know. He’s strong so he might make it through”


Right then Sheelagh grabbed the phone from Stephen “Everybody listen to me, I am not going to lose another child do you HEAR ME I AM NOT HE WILL BE FINE”

Big John and Marion could hear her scream down the phone, they could feel her pain because Scott was their son too, just as John was Stirling and Sheelagh’s


“Mom, mom I know Scott will be fine, do you know why? Because I say when he lives or dies, it’s my right as his husband”


Just then John and his families flight was called “I gotta go it’s our flight”


“Ok love; just get here as soon as you can, love you”

Love you too bye”


Big John came over “C’mon son lets go, we need to start boarding”


They all started to board. On their way to London John kept asking every 30 minutes “How much longer now”. Marion gave the same answer every time “Half an hour since the last time you asked me”. Marion was thinking to herself it’s just like when he was a child asking “How long till we get there”.


Finally they were descending into Heathrow.




The family were sitting in the waiting room. Stuart had arrived a few hours ago, which helped quite a lot, it took some of the pressure of Stephen.


“How much longer till we hear anything”


“I don’t know son”


“I should be in there; I’m a doctor for Christ sake”


“Sweetheart, sit down you know you can’t be in there”


A few minutes later the doctor came in, they all stood up. “We have stopped the bleeding and also fixed the wound on his lung, the rest is up to him, he’s managed to fight this long so you never know”


They all started to cry with Joy “Can we please see him”


“Yes he’s in a room on his own; we have knocked him out for at least 2 days, because if he moves about he could rip himself open again, so we can’t take any chances at the minute”


“No that’s fine; we just want to see him”


They started towards the room which Scott was in. They were all surprised in what they saw.




John finally got to the hospital and went to the reception”My husband was brought in earlier with a stab wound, his name is Scott Gill which room is he in”


“Scott Gill is in room 607, turn left over there and you will find a lift, it will take you right up”




John, Gavin and the rest of his family went to the lift. As soon as it stopped on level 6 John was all over the place trying to find him, finally he did and what he saw scared him “OH MY GOD”

I don't know if people are still on this site but I was hoping people could read this and tell me what you think.

23 July 2011 @ 01:15 pm


“John is on the next flight home. We need to phone mum and dad”

“Stephen, Scott is going to be ok isn’t he; I mean he’s strong right”

“Yeah course he is” but honestly Stephen hadn’t a clue, he was trying to be strong for Sarah.

“C’mon we need to phone mum and dad”

They said to one of the nurses that they had to call their parents. The nurse let them use the phone in one of the waiting rooms. Stephen dialled the number it took a few rings before they answered.

“Hello” it was his dad Stirling. He was quite groggy as he had just woken up.

“Dad its Stephen. Listen there has been an accident Scott been stabbed, he’s in theatre now”

“He’s been WHAT, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED” Stirling was screaming down the phone.

Sheelagh said “What wrong, what’s happened”

“Scott’s been stabbed, he’s in theatre now”

“Jesus Christ”

“Dad, they don’t know if he’s going to make it”

“Ok listen we are on our way to the hospital ok”

Sheelagh was already up and dressed and laying out clothes for Stirling “Hurry up move now”

“We’ll be there soon ok”

“Ok bye”

Stephen hung up and sat down next to Sarah on a chair and just held her, who was shaking and crying. He knew he had to be strong, when all he wanted to do was scream shout cry anything but he knew he couldn’t


Sheelagh and Stirling arrived at the hospital, and told a nurse who they were; they were quickly directed to the waiting room that their children were in. When they arrived all they did was hold each other.

Sheelagh said “What on earth happened.”

“Mum we were on our way to catch a taxi, when this guy stepped out and pointed a knife at us, he asked for all our money which we gave him. He just stabbed Scott anyway he was trying to make sure Stephen and me wouldn’t get hurt. We gave him what we wanted but he still stabbed him”

“Its ok honey don’t worry he’ll be fine”

“Dad it’s punctured his right lung, he stopped breathing in ER. They managed to get him back, but they had to operate straight away or he wouldn’t make it” Stephen started to get emotional after he told him that.

“Mum John phoned when he was in ER, all I could do was scream Stephen had to take the phone from me, he’s on the next flight home”

Just then the doctor walked in looking solome. Stirling introduced himself and his wife and asked “How is he, how’s my son”


John and his parents had just made it in time for the flight. When they got there Gavin was already there.

“John I phoned Stuart told him what happened; he’s on the way to the hospital to see if he can do anything. Don’t worry Scott will be fine”

“He’s hurt really bad. It’s all my fault I should have been there tonight not working, and I feel so bloody helpless I’m 5000 miles away and can’t do anything”

“John you listen to me it is not your fault. It’s that bastard with the knife not you you got That”

John ignored him and went to try and phone Stephen his phone went straight to voicemail “Stephen what the hell is up with your phone call me“John went and sat down for a while and went into a world of his own.

Later Gavin went and sat next to him to try and comfort him.

“Gavin, the media will be all over this I don’t want him near Scott, me or his family you got that”

“Don’t worry I will sort it out”

“How long till this plane gets here,where they getting it from China for fuck sake”

“Sweetheart it’s going to be 30 minutes yet till we can start boarding. Why not take a walk or something for a minute”

“No I need to try and phone Stephen again” He picked up his phone and dialled the number, it started ringing. Stephen picked up the phone “Bro he’s stopped breathing again in theatre.”

John stood there with tears streaming down his face saying “He’s not dead; I would know I would feel it, he’s not dead”.

23 July 2011 @ 01:12 pm

The doctors were busy trying to resuscitate Scott.


Sarah had picked up the phone instinctively, but all she kept saying was

“Please Scott NO, NO, NO!”


“Sarah what the hell is going on?”


“Oh my god John!, Oh my god!”


Stephen grabbed the phone

“John, Scotty’s been stabbed I think the knife has punctured his right lung- its bad bro he’s stopped breathing they’re trying everything-but it doesn’t look good”


John was physically shaking with tears streaming down his face. His parents asked

“John son what’s wrong”


“Dad, Scott’s been stabbed-he’s not breathing”


While this was going on all John could hear was the doctors shouting

“Charging 360 clear, nothing, charging 360 clear”


“Stephen talk to me tell me what is going on”


John was in tears and so helpless the man he loved was dying and he couldn’t do anything to help. He heard Stephen say

“C’mon Scott fight this fight you are strong so FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!”


“Please baby please fight for me for us please please please”


Suddenly it went quiet


“Stephen what’s happening tell me what!”


“He’s breathing -just, they have put a tube down his throat but he is breathing Thank God”


“Sir you can’t have that phone on in here it could mess with the equipment”


“Don’t you dare hang up on me Stephen don’t you dare!”


“Please just for a minute it’s my brothers husband he’s scared he just wants to know what’s happening”


One of the doctors said

“Is he next of kin? we need the go ahead to do anything in our power when operating”


“Man did you hear that”


“Yes for god’s sake anything they can do, anything just get him better!”


The doctors said “We need to get him a surgeon and a theatre room now or he is not going to make it”


“John did you hear that”


“Yeah I heard. I am going to be on the next flight out, but you listen he is not going to die because he knows it would kill me; he knows that”


“Listen he wanted you to know something if he didn’t make it”


“No I don’t want to hear he’s going to tell me himself alright”


“Yeah listen I need to phone mum and dad. Get here quick he needs you bad”


“I’m on my way I will phone and let you know what flight I’m on and see what’s happening”


“Ok love you man”


“Love you too take care of him till I get there”


When John got off the phone he looked towards his parents with tears in his eyes

“He’s breathing again, they need to take him into theatre to operate, but he’s breathing. I need to get to London NOW!!!”


“Sweetheart there is a flight in 2 and half hours we have to run but we should make it”


“Son I will phone Gavin tell him what’s happening. Don’t worry Scott will make it”


While this was being said they were quickly getting a taxi to take them to the airport.


“Dad this would never have happened if I had been there, we would be tucked up in bed holding each other, but NO I had to put my job my career before my husband. It’s all my fault”


“John darling”


John had shut off. He was praying to god saying

“Please let him live, it would break my heart if he wasn’t here he’s all I have please, I will look after him better I promise, I’ll never let anyone or anything come between us again PLEASE!!!”