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18 September 2011 @ 08:46 pm
Originally posted by elspeth24 at HEARTBREAK:JOHN AND SCOTT EPILOGUE



DISCLAIMER:This is pure fiction. All persons names and logos belong to their respective copyrights or respective persons. No copyright infringement is meant.

Scott had just left the doctors surgery with the best news he could ever receive, he could not wait to tell John.

It had been 3 months since the stabbing. Paul Smith who had injured him, got 10 years for attempted murder, and was now in jail, which helped.

Scott was going to do a little shopping, before he went home.

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John and Scott's house

When Scott arrived home he said hello to the dogs, and grabbed their leads. He wanted to take them out now so that he had the rest of the day to prepare for later that night.

John came through the front door. The dogs came running forward to meet him.

"Hey guys, you been good today"

When he had seen them all, he could smell something delicious coming from the kitchen, when he entered he could see the table laid with 2 candles in the middle with a dozen red roses in the centre.

"What is all this for"

"Well you have been taking care of me, now it's my turn" Scott said and he went over and kissed him. "Sit down it is nearly ready"

Scott poured him a glass of wine and brought him over his dinner, it was Scott's speciality Spaghetti Bolognaise.

They talked about what John had been today at work, he was still filming miracle day in Cardiff, so it was all go.

"What happened at the doctors, you were meant to phone me"

"I know, I'm sorry, but I wanted it to be a surprise".

"Is everything ok?

"Fine! I will tell you later. You finished? Scott cleared the plates to the sink.

"Ok, you need stay in here until I tell you to come out ok.

"Gill what are you up to"

"Wait and see. Do you promise?"

"I promise"

Scott quickly left the room and got to work, he knew it would not be long until John came investigating, he was the most impatient person he knew.

It had been 10 minutes and John was getting restless, he had done up the few dishes. Now he wanted to know what was going on, he was about to leave the room when:

"Right you can come out now"

"Thank God"

John opened the door and all he could see leading down the hallway was rose petals. So he followed them all round the house until he got to the bathroom door. When he entered he saw the bath filled with his favourite bubble bath, candles all around and rose petals leading to it.


"Get undressed and get in. I will be in in a minute

John did what he was told. when he got in he released a sigh, he was aching a little from the shoot today. So it was just what the doctor ordered.

Scott came in still in his jeans and t-shirt,

"You not joining me, there is plenty of room"

"Not yet, I told you it is all about you. You have looked after me so now it's my turn"

Scott turned up his jeans, told John to scoot up the bath and swung his legs over and put his legs in the bath.

"Ok, lean back"

When John did this. Scott put some oils on his hands and started to give John a massage.

"Mmm that feels good"

"Yes well it's you're turn to get pampered"

"Scott looking after you, it's my job remember"

"I am not the easiest patient in the world"

"Yeah, but you're mine"

"Thats true

When Scott had finished with the massage, he thought this was the best time to tell.

"John when I went to the doctor he gave me some news"

"What! Is everything ok? What happened?

"Nothing babe everything is fine. I promise"

John startd to relax again

"He said I can do someting I have not been able to do in a while"

"What's that"

Scott kissed John's ear"Like make love to my gorgeous husband"


"Yeah" Scott could not say anything else as he joined him in the bath with all his clothes on and started kissing him.
The warm water seemed to get hotter as they got more passionate. Scott peeled off his clothes "Lets move this to the bedroom, we'll be more comfortable" he whispered as he and John got out the bath.

Scott could feel John's excitement as he pressed against him, it had been a long time and they were both desperate.

John took Scott against the wall, it was fast and furious; as he rode him; he took him in his hand and led him to the edge, then to the height of pleasure.

John finished and with a heaving breath fell onto the bed "That" he said " was amazing!"

"Yes" replied Scott "It was like the first time all over again"

"A bit quick though...sorry" John said as he stroked Scotts arm

"Nevermind, we've got all the time in the world now" Scott rolled over on top of John and slowly began again.

                     THE END