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18 September 2011 @ 08:44 pm
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DISCLAIMER:This is pure fiction. All persons names and logos belong to their respective copyrights or respective persons. No copyright infringement is meant.

Scott was lying in his hospital bed. It had been a few days since the stabbing. He was hopeful today would be the day they would remove the tubes from down his throat.

John entered the room; he had been back home again to check on the house and dogs.

"Hey, sweetheart, how you feeling?"

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Fine" Scott could see the weariness in John. He hadn’t slept or eaten very much since Scott had been here. Scott could also see there was something else wrong, besides him being hurt, but he did not know what. He would get it out of him sooner rather than later though.

The doctor came into the room "Mr Gill, I can see that you're blood pressure is getting back to normal, and you're blood work is getting better every day. You will be out of here and back home in no time".

John sighed with relief. That's all he wanted was Scott back home so he could take care of him.

"Right, gentleman I will leave you alone"

The doctor was leaving when he heard "bout tube". Scott was trying to see if he could have the tube taken out.

"It's alright, I understand. I will see if I can get a nurse through, and get it removed for you".

John and Scott gave a small smile to each other. Scott really wanted the damn thing out now it was starting to piss him off.

"Mr Barrowman, I am afraid you can't be here when we carry out this procedure. You will need to wait outside".

John was about to protest, until Scott touched his arm and gave him a look that meant don't even think about it.


"I will go and get the nurse, I will be back in a minute."

"Well babe, at least you will be more comfortable"

"ont et e o ut up" Scott grinned.

"That's fine by me". John then rested his head against Scott’s.

The doctor and nurse came back into the room.

"Ok, ok I'm going". John gave Scott’s hand a gentle squeeze and left.

John was standing outside when the whole family and Gavin wandered up to him.

"Everything ok, sweetheart" Sheelagh said as she gave him a hug and kiss.

"Fine, they are removing the tube from his throat"

"Do they know what they are doing?"

"Stephen they are professionals, I think they know what they are doing" Stirling could see that Stephen was going in to doctor mode.

The doctor left the room and told them all "The tubes have been removed. He is a little bit hoarse, which is to be expected, but he will be back to normal in no time".

John and the family went in to see Scott. Stirling stayed outside to thank the doctor and nurse for all they had done.

Stirling entered the room to see Scott wide awake and trying to speak to everyone.

"Hi dad"

"Hi yourself. How you feeling?" Stirling bent down and gave a kiss on the cheek".

"Better now, with that tube out".

"Yes, well just take it easy".

"Thought you might all like to know, Stephen and I got a call from the police, they have caught the guy who tried to kill you"

"No. How did they find him?"

"Well, when Sarah and I gave them the description, they thought they knew who it was. He is a local drug addict. First time he has used violence on someone, they also found our mobiles on him".

"I feel a little sorry for him"

"For fuck sake Scott! The guy tries to kill you, and take you from me and you feel sorry for him".

Scott could see that John was getting angrier by the minute, but he didn’t understand why, he was going to be ok, wasn’t that what mattered.

Everyone started to feel the tension in the room.

"John. The studio need you to do some promotional for Torchwood and then we need to get ready for Tonight’s the Night".

"No Gavin. I'm not doing it"

"Not now of course, but when Scott’s back on his feet and feeling better". Gavin gave a smile to Scott who smiled back.

"I'm not doing it Gavin. I'm going to leave the business for a while, look after Scott and spend some quality time with him".

"What? John for heaven sake I will be fine. I will be back on my feet in a few weeks. Don't be stupid. You love you're job"

"Scott. I have told you time and time again that you are my number one priority the love of my life. My job is my job, and I am going to quit for a while and spend time with you"

"Listen you can spend time with me while working, you don't have to choose"

"Yeah look what happened the last time I left you to do my job"


"Nothing, doesn’t matter"

"It does John so spit it out"

"None of this would have happened if I was here".

"What do you mean?" Scott could see the tears in John's eyes, and it was killing him.

"It's my fault what happened. You wouldn’t have been hurt if I had been here".