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24 July 2011 @ 08:35 pm

Sheelagh went over to John held him close “Sweetheart, I know it looks bad but he will be fine”

Scott had tubes and monitors all around him.

“John son, they need to keep him unconscious for at least 2 days, in case he rips himself open, they have stopped the bleeding internally”

John stepped over to the bed and held Scott’s hand.

One of the doctors came into the room. John introduced himself and asked if Scott was getting any better. The doctor checked his heart rate and pulse “His heart rate and pulse are still the same, I hoped it would be a little better, but he’s still with us so that is the best we can hope for at the minute”

The doctor then looked at Sarah and Stephen “I am sorry to put this on you now, but the police would like a word with you as soon as you are ready”

John noticed Sarah and Stephen for the first time; he went over and hugged them both. Stephen’s shirt and hands were covered in blood

“John we gave the bastard what he wanted, but he still stabbed him”

“Sarah listen, he would have done it anyway”

“Tell the police we will be there in a minute, I want it over with so they can catch him and we can concentrate on Scott”

The doctor left the room to give them a minute.

“Kids after you have spoken to the police, why not go home get a wash and some sleep, there really is nothing more you can do at the minute”

“We are not leaving him alone, he wouldn’t leave us, and so we are not leaving him”

John stepped in “Listen he’s going to be asleep for 2 days, nothing is going to happen until then, plus I will be here. I promise”

“You promise you won’t leave him”

“I promise”

“Ok, c’mon Sarah we’ll talk to the police and then go home for a while”

Sarah kissed Scott on the cheek “I will see you later Scott, Love you”. Stephen did the same.

They hugged everyone and started to leave. Stuart said “Gavin and me will take you home, I don’t think you are fit to do anything rational at the moment.”

“That would be great thanks”

“Don’t worry I will make a short statement to the media, and also to leave the family alone at this point in time”

“That would be great Gavin. Thanks”

“No problem Stirling. We’ll be back later John”

John was left in the room with both sets of parents. “Do you think I could have a while alone with Scott?”

“Of course sweetheart. I’ll tell you what we’ll do we will go to your house, make sure the dogs are ok and get a change of clothes and toiletries for you.”


Big John, Marion, Stirling and Sheelagh all said goodbye to John and Scott and left.

John went over to Scott and grabbed his hand “Babe this is getting silly now. You’re upsetting everyone and you hate to do that”.

John started crying “I don’t exist without you. My whole world is you; I know I don’t show it all the time but you mean everything to me. I will promise you anything and everything as long as you get better, so you need to keep fighting a little longer. DO YOU HEAR ME?”

John broke down put his head on Scott’s bed, and held him the best he could.