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23 July 2011 @ 01:15 pm


“John is on the next flight home. We need to phone mum and dad”

“Stephen, Scott is going to be ok isn’t he; I mean he’s strong right”

“Yeah course he is” but honestly Stephen hadn’t a clue, he was trying to be strong for Sarah.

“C’mon we need to phone mum and dad”

They said to one of the nurses that they had to call their parents. The nurse let them use the phone in one of the waiting rooms. Stephen dialled the number it took a few rings before they answered.

“Hello” it was his dad Stirling. He was quite groggy as he had just woken up.

“Dad its Stephen. Listen there has been an accident Scott been stabbed, he’s in theatre now”

“He’s been WHAT, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED” Stirling was screaming down the phone.

Sheelagh said “What wrong, what’s happened”

“Scott’s been stabbed, he’s in theatre now”

“Jesus Christ”

“Dad, they don’t know if he’s going to make it”

“Ok listen we are on our way to the hospital ok”

Sheelagh was already up and dressed and laying out clothes for Stirling “Hurry up move now”

“We’ll be there soon ok”

“Ok bye”

Stephen hung up and sat down next to Sarah on a chair and just held her, who was shaking and crying. He knew he had to be strong, when all he wanted to do was scream shout cry anything but he knew he couldn’t


Sheelagh and Stirling arrived at the hospital, and told a nurse who they were; they were quickly directed to the waiting room that their children were in. When they arrived all they did was hold each other.

Sheelagh said “What on earth happened.”

“Mum we were on our way to catch a taxi, when this guy stepped out and pointed a knife at us, he asked for all our money which we gave him. He just stabbed Scott anyway he was trying to make sure Stephen and me wouldn’t get hurt. We gave him what we wanted but he still stabbed him”

“Its ok honey don’t worry he’ll be fine”

“Dad it’s punctured his right lung, he stopped breathing in ER. They managed to get him back, but they had to operate straight away or he wouldn’t make it” Stephen started to get emotional after he told him that.

“Mum John phoned when he was in ER, all I could do was scream Stephen had to take the phone from me, he’s on the next flight home”

Just then the doctor walked in looking solome. Stirling introduced himself and his wife and asked “How is he, how’s my son”


John and his parents had just made it in time for the flight. When they got there Gavin was already there.

“John I phoned Stuart told him what happened; he’s on the way to the hospital to see if he can do anything. Don’t worry Scott will be fine”

“He’s hurt really bad. It’s all my fault I should have been there tonight not working, and I feel so bloody helpless I’m 5000 miles away and can’t do anything”

“John you listen to me it is not your fault. It’s that bastard with the knife not you you got That”

John ignored him and went to try and phone Stephen his phone went straight to voicemail “Stephen what the hell is up with your phone call me“John went and sat down for a while and went into a world of his own.

Later Gavin went and sat next to him to try and comfort him.

“Gavin, the media will be all over this I don’t want him near Scott, me or his family you got that”

“Don’t worry I will sort it out”

“How long till this plane gets here,where they getting it from China for fuck sake”

“Sweetheart it’s going to be 30 minutes yet till we can start boarding. Why not take a walk or something for a minute”

“No I need to try and phone Stephen again” He picked up his phone and dialled the number, it started ringing. Stephen picked up the phone “Bro he’s stopped breathing again in theatre.”

John stood there with tears streaming down his face saying “He’s not dead; I would know I would feel it, he’s not dead”.