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23 July 2011 @ 01:12 pm

The doctors were busy trying to resuscitate Scott.


Sarah had picked up the phone instinctively, but all she kept saying was

“Please Scott NO, NO, NO!”


“Sarah what the hell is going on?”


“Oh my god John!, Oh my god!”


Stephen grabbed the phone

“John, Scotty’s been stabbed I think the knife has punctured his right lung- its bad bro he’s stopped breathing they’re trying everything-but it doesn’t look good”


John was physically shaking with tears streaming down his face. His parents asked

“John son what’s wrong”


“Dad, Scott’s been stabbed-he’s not breathing”


While this was going on all John could hear was the doctors shouting

“Charging 360 clear, nothing, charging 360 clear”


“Stephen talk to me tell me what is going on”


John was in tears and so helpless the man he loved was dying and he couldn’t do anything to help. He heard Stephen say

“C’mon Scott fight this fight you are strong so FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!”


“Please baby please fight for me for us please please please”


Suddenly it went quiet


“Stephen what’s happening tell me what!”


“He’s breathing -just, they have put a tube down his throat but he is breathing Thank God”


“Sir you can’t have that phone on in here it could mess with the equipment”


“Don’t you dare hang up on me Stephen don’t you dare!”


“Please just for a minute it’s my brothers husband he’s scared he just wants to know what’s happening”


One of the doctors said

“Is he next of kin? we need the go ahead to do anything in our power when operating”


“Man did you hear that”


“Yes for god’s sake anything they can do, anything just get him better!”


The doctors said “We need to get him a surgeon and a theatre room now or he is not going to make it”


“John did you hear that”


“Yeah I heard. I am going to be on the next flight out, but you listen he is not going to die because he knows it would kill me; he knows that”


“Listen he wanted you to know something if he didn’t make it”


“No I don’t want to hear he’s going to tell me himself alright”


“Yeah listen I need to phone mum and dad. Get here quick he needs you bad”


“I’m on my way I will phone and let you know what flight I’m on and see what’s happening”


“Ok love you man”


“Love you too take care of him till I get there”


When John got off the phone he looked towards his parents with tears in his eyes

“He’s breathing again, they need to take him into theatre to operate, but he’s breathing. I need to get to London NOW!!!”


“Sweetheart there is a flight in 2 and half hours we have to run but we should make it”


“Son I will phone Gavin tell him what’s happening. Don’t worry Scott will make it”


While this was being said they were quickly getting a taxi to take them to the airport.


“Dad this would never have happened if I had been there, we would be tucked up in bed holding each other, but NO I had to put my job my career before my husband. It’s all my fault”


“John darling”


John had shut off. He was praying to god saying

“Please let him live, it would break my heart if he wasn’t here he’s all I have please, I will look after him better I promise, I’ll never let anyone or anything come between us again PLEASE!!!”